> I Heart The Romeros: Girls Night Out + Sad Farewells

Monday, August 2, 2010

Girls Night Out + Sad Farewells

I had the most amazing Saturday night in a long long time. Hot half-naked guys  + hundreds of girls screaming = ~a pack of wolves ripping into meat. If you ever get a chance to come to Hollywood with a couple of close girlfriends, I recommend Hollywood Men as a destination to come visit.  The place is classy as it is inside the Hollywood Highlands Club and everyone is extremely nice and not sleazy. For $25-35 dollars for the 90-min show (as well as access to the nightclub for dancing til 3am),  just make sure to bring wads of dollar bills for lap dances with your favorite dancer. I recommend Gustavo or Dante. FYI, there is a 2 drink minimum for each person at a table but they don't push you too much. This photo explains everything.


On a sad note, Pamela will be leaving for Taiwan forever. She's a gorgeous & talented girl that always fun to hang out with and her company will definitely be truly missed. I hope she decides to visit us here again someday and wish her the best in all the endeavors that she decides to pursue. I can't wait til the next time we can all hang out again. I say we all meet in Europe!

I've shared a number of memorable moments with all of the girls and am thankful to have such great friends. From classes to graduation, 3 am Denny breakfasts to long midnight walks on Venice beach, I'm blessed to have such great company. Thank you girls for the great times.