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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love & Hugs

Being a mother means making sacrifices and trying to create a better life for your child. At least that's what it means to me. I made a trek home to see baby for the weekend and it's definitely helped me cope with some things on my mind.  

I've come accept that:
1. I should not feel guilty for wanting the best for my child, even if it means she will be away from me. She has amazing grandparents that love her and have the luxury of watching and playing with her 24/7.  If she was to live with me, I would only see her for a couple of hours each day and it would not always be quality time. I'll live with her one day though. 
2. I should enjoy every waking moment with her. Even if that means I am bleary eyed at 2 in the morning, telling her that everything is ok. Life is too short to not be enjoyed. 
3. Every child develops differently. Even if she does not speak yet, she will catch on quick and learn to babble and mimic anything and everything I do. That includes swearing so I need to be careful. Haha.
4. Money comes and goes but time cannot be repeated. Stress a little on money but don't let it affect everything you do. 
5. Actions speak louder than words. I need to do just that.